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Brethren Scribes and Friends

C.L. Raven. Writers, Ghost hunters, and adventure travellers. Very talented. Please look in on their website and check out their work. It is VERY good.

Lee Forman. His advice and moral support has always been most welcome. A great writer. His work is excellent. Go look for yourselves.

Patrick Winters. An up-and-coming writer who I have had the great pleasure to correspond with on several occasions. He already has a catalogue of published work behind him and possesses great talent. Definitely one to look out for.

S.J. Budd. Sarah has a real passion for reading and writing that is unsurpassed by anyone that I have had the good fortune to be acquainted with thus far. As well as her own writing, her reviews on other authors' work and writing tips, which she selflessly posts on her website, are of great benefit to fellow scribes. In my eyes, a real trooper. To really appreciate how much time and effort she dedicates to the written word please take a trip to her website.

Calvin Demmer. This writer is good friend. We know each other through being accepted by three of the same publications. He's always willing to give me a shout if he sees a new publication that prints what I'm into. Each of his pieces are an excellent read. A true writer's ally and a very gifted writer.

Calvin Demmer's website

Gwendolyn Kiste. A Speculative fiction author based in Pennsylvania. With a background in screenwriting and playwriting, she has written and directed several feature length films, and her plays have been produced as part of the Big Read, a program of the National Endowment for the Arts. Her website is well worth visiting as it features interviews that she has conducted with fellow authors from around the world. Gwendolyn is a credit to the creative world; the real deal. On top of that she is one hell of a nice person who possesses a great sense of humour, paired with a wonderful imagination.

Boleyn Paranormal. I met Helena King on facebook through mutual friends C.L Raven. Helena, and her husband Alex, have been carrying out Paranormal investigations for a long time, so know what they are doing. Even if you are not a believer in the afterlife and the supernatural, their site is worth checking out. A really interesting thing they have going here. Each site investigated is steeped in history and the science of ghost hunting is fascinating.

J.S. Strange. As with most of my writer's circle, I met Jack through Facebook as we have mutual friends (C.L. Raven). I had the pleasure of meeting him face to face at the 2016 Sanitarium Magazine Horror Con and he really is a top man. This year, aged just 21, he published his debut novel 'Winter Smith, London's Burning' to rave reviews (So that's two reasons for me to hate him, youth and talent). Check out his website and if the zombie apocalypse is your thing, then do yourself a favour and buy a copy of his book.

Austin Muratori. I became aware of Austin’s work when I had the honour of gracing the pages of the same issue of Sanitarium Magazine as him. As well as being a talented writer he is now making inroads into film making. I have the utmost confidence that his name and his work will be well known in the movie industry in the very near future.  

Brooke Warra. I've known Brooke for some time now due our membership of 'The Faculty', Sanitarium Magazine's slush pile reviewing team. She is an amazing writer and an awesome woman. She is blessed with a great understanding of the English language and a seemingly limitless imagination. Absolutely ecstatic to be able to call her a friend. It is an honour to know her.

Miracle Austin. A YA/NA cross-genre, hybrid author who works in the social work by day and writer’s world by night and weekends; she loves horror/suspense, but not limited to. Her debut release, Doll, is her first YA/Paranormal novel. Her next release will be an eclectic, short story collection, Boundless. I feel very lucky to have met her through mutual friends on Facebook and am sure we’ll be friends for a long time.

Kristin Holland. A voice over artist, session singer and actor. His work appears on radio, television, online, stage and the big screen. We met via my website when he contacted me asking for permission to narrate my piece 'Meal Deal' for the 2016 Evil Idol voice acting competition. We have now completed three collaborations, in which he narrated my dark verse 'The Thing That Goes Bump In The Night' and my short story 'Eyes' for use on YouTube. He has recently started his own podcast. Please check it out.

William R. Soldan studies fiction in the Northeast Ohio MFA program and teaches English Composition at YSU. He is a board member of the literary arts non-profit organization LitYoungstown. His work has appeared in a number of publications such as Sanitarium, New World Writing, The Vignette Review, Thuglit, Literally Stories, Elm Leaves Journal and others. I met Bill through our work with Sanitarium Magazine.

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